The Florida Grazing Lands Coalition (FGLC) is the state member of the National Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI).The Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative is a nationwide collaborative process of individuals and organizations working together to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of the Nation’s privately owned grazing land.

  • GLCI was developed as a process to identify priority issues, find solutions, and effect change on private grazing land.
  • It provides a basis for coordination with units of government, institutions of higher education, producer organizations and among agencies.
  • This initiative is designed to complement and enhance existing conservation programs for Technical Assistance, Education and Research.
  • The GLCI is a Producer Initiated and Producer Led effort, carried out through local coalitions supported by livestock producer organizations, scientific and professional grazing resource organizations, conservation and environmental groups, state and federal agencies, and other interested groups.

Florida Grazing Lands – A Valuable Resource… Providing Benefits to all of Florida

Some of the ranches in Florida have been in existence well over one hundred years and are part of our rich historical heritage. Encroached by development and conversion to other land uses, grazing lands in Florida are disappearing at an alarming rate. As each acre in converted, the environmental benefits are lost; wildlife loses habitat and healthy watersheds are compromised.

Grazing lands in Florida provide critical habitat for numerous plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. They provide environmental benefits such as habitat for wildlife, open space, and healthy watersheds, as well as food and other commodities. These lands provide many economic and environmental benefits not only to those who own them, but to all citizens of the sunshine state. The extent of these benefits and impact for Floridian’s is dependent upon how well these lands are managed. If not managed properly, these benefits will not be realized. If managed properly, then many will benefit. As land managers and professionals providing assistance, our goal should be to promote the wise use of our grazing lands resources and manage them so that the benefits are widespread and enjoyed by all.

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