About Us

About Us

Florida Grazing Lands Coalition (FGLC)

The Florida Grazing Lands Coalition is a network of grassroots organizations and individuals working together to ensure a healthy future for our state’s dynamic grasslands resource. Formation of the Coalition was facilitated in party by the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) of 1991 which increased funding for rangeland technical assistance through NRCS Range and Pasture Specialists.

We work to bring together the best solutions for the producer incorporating both environmental and cost considerations while meeting all local, state and Federal mandates.

The organizations that support our efforts are included in Our Partners.

Priorities and Goals:

Florida Grazing Lands Coalition (FGLC) Seeks To:

  • Promote voluntary action and respect of private property rights
  • Strengthen partnerships between grazing lands managers and others who support the purpose of GLCI
  • Encourage diversification to achieve multiple natural resource benefits
  • Increase economic, environmental, and social stability on private grazing lands
  • Close the gap between the availability of knowledge and the application of knowledge on private grazing lands
  • Enhance the private landowner’s ability to achieve greater profitability on ecologically sound and sustainable basis
  • Educate the public through the dissemination of scientific knowledge on the conservation and management of grazing lands in Florida

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